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Weezer – Weezer (Rarities Edition) (2010) (320Kbps)

01.Mykel and Carli (Single Version)(2:54) 02.Susanne (Single Version)(2:49) 03.My Evaline (Single Version)(0:46) 04.Jamie (DGC Rarities Version)(4:21) 05.My Name Is Jonas (Live)(3:41) 06.Surf Wax America (Live)(4:02) 07.Jamie (Live and Acoustic)(4:05) 08.No One Else (Live and Acoustic)(3:27) 09.Undone – The Sweater Song… Continue Reading →

Weezer – I Want You To Remixes (2009) (320Kbps)

01.(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To (AutoErotique Remix)(3:36) 02.(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To (Dr. Rosen Rosen Remix)(5:38) 03.(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want… Continue Reading →

Weezer – AOL Sessions (2009) (192 kbps)

01.Can’t Stop Partying (AOL Sessions featuring Chamillionaire(4:05) 02.I Want You To (AOL Sessions with Sara Bareilles)(3:27) 03.Brain Stew (AOL Sessions)(3:22) 04.I’m Your Daddy (AOL Sessions with Kenny G)(3:23) 05.Butterfly (AOL Sessions)(2:57) Download MP3 Uploaded

Weezer – Troublemaker [Remixes] (Promo US CDM -2008) (2008) (150-214Kbps)

01.Troublemaker (Azzido Da Bass Remix)(5:26) 02.Troublemaker (Azzido Da Bass Dub Remix)(5:29) 03.Troublemaker (Tiny Evil Remix)(6:53) 04.Troublemaker (Richard Vission Remix)(4:07) 05.Troublemaker (Richard Vission Dub Remix)(5:39) 06.Troublemaker (Funky Monk Remix)(6:05) 07.Troublemaker (Baby Disaster Remix)(3:19) Download MP3 Uploaded

Weezer – Winter Weezerland (128 kbps) (2005) (320Kbps)

02.Christmas Song(3:08) 01.Christmas Song(3:05) 03.Christmas Celebration(2:23) Download MP3 Uploaded

Weezer – Untitled Special French Promo (2002) (192 kbps)

01.Crab (Live)(3:02) 02.Don’t Let Go (Live)(3:19) 03.Always (Jack Joseph Puig Remix)(2:41) Download MP3 Uploaded

Weezer – Quick Quantum (192 kbps) (2001) (320Kbps)

01.American Gigolo(2:57) 02.Listen Up(4:20) 03.Puerta Vallarta(1:37) 04.Death And Destruction(4:19) 05.Your Room(1:59) 06.Sandwiches Time(2:17) 07.Gone To Stay(2:02) 08.Slave(2:55) 09.Space Rock(1:55) 10.Cygnus X1(1:38) 11.Spend Some Time(1:42) 12.How Long(2:23) 13.Dope Nose(2:18) 14.Mr. Taxman(2:17) 15.Better Off Alone(1:05) 16.Always(2:48) 17.December(3:30) 18.My Weakness (Seafaring Jamb)(2:23) 19.Your… Continue Reading →

Weezer – Hash Pipe (The Remixes Promo) (2001) (256 kbps)

01.Hash Pipe (Jimmy Pop Remix)(3:22) 02.Hash Pipe (Chris Crenna’s Kick Me Remix)(2:58) 03.Hash Pipe (Chris Crenna’s Under Glass Remix)(4:11) Download MP3 Uploaded

Weezer – Summer Songs 2000 (SS2K) (2000) (128 kbps)

01.Modern Dukes(1:53) 02.O Girl(2:44) 03.On The Edge(2:41) 04.Preacher’s Son(2:01) 05.Slob(3:04) 06.Dope Nose(2:55) 07.Mad Kow(3:52) 08.Superstar(2:40) 09.The Sister Song(2:56) 10.Too Late To Try(2:33) 11.Been In The Storm(1:02) 12.My Brain (Is Working Overtime)(3:25) 13.Ev’ry Nite(3:14) 14.Hash Pipe(2:58) 15.Peace and Quiet(2:36) Download MP3 Uploaded

Weezer – Songs From The Black Hole (1995) (192 kbps)

01.Countdown(0:53) 02.Blast Off!(1:58) 03.Who You Callin’ Bitch?(0:44) 04.Oh Jonas (Maria’s Theme)(0:27) 05.I Do(1:55) 06.Come to My Pod(1:29) 07.Oh No, This Is Not for Me(0:45) 08.Tired of Sex(2:54) 09.She’s Had a Girl(0:46) 10.Dude, We’re Finally Landing (Good News!)(0:51) 11.I Don’t Want… Continue Reading →

Weezer – The Kitchen Tapes (Demo) (1992) (192 kbps)

01.Thief, You’ve Taken All That Was Me(3:26) 02.My Name Is Jonas(3:10) 03.Let’s Sew Our Pants Together(4:28) 04.Paperface(3:01) 05.Only In Dreams(5:51) 06.Undone(5:34) Download MP3 Uploaded

Weezer – Blue Album Demo (1992) (256 kbps)

01.No One Else(3:10) 02.The World Has Turned(4:30) 03.Say It Ain’t So(4:11) 04.Undone(5:34) Download MP3 Uploaded

Weezer – Raditude …Happy Record Store Day! (EP) (2010) (320Kbps)

01.I’m Your Daddy (Featuring Kenny G)(3:22) 02.(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To (Featuring Sara Bareilles)(3:24) 03.Why Bother (Live)(2:19) 04.Brain Stew(3:19) 05.Buddy Holly (Acoustic)(2:56) Download MP3 Uploaded

Weezer – Six Hits (EP) (2008) (320Kbps)

01.Buddy Holly(2:40) 02.Say It Ain’t So(4:19) 03.Hash Pipe(3:07) 04.Island In The Sun(3:20) 05.Beverly Hills(3:17) 06.Perfect Situation(4:15) Download MP3 Uploaded

Weezer – Pork And Beans (Single) (2008) (320Kbps)

01.Pork And Beans(3:09) Download MP3 Uploaded

Weezer – Christmas With Weezer (EP) (2008) (320Kbps)

01.We Wish You A Merry Christmas(1:25) 02.O Come All Ye Faithful(2:05) 03.O Holy Night(4:04) 04.The First Noel(2:23) 05.Hark! The Herald Angels Sing(1:33) 06.Silent Night(2:22) Download MP3 Uploaded

Weezer – We Are All on Drugs (UK Single) (2005) (320Kbps)

01.We Are All on Drugs(3:35) 02.Beverly Hills (Urbanix Mix)(3:24) 03.Burndt Jamb (Live)(4:27) Download MP3 Uploaded

Weezer – Beverly Hills (Single) (2005) (320Kbps)

01.Beverly Hills(3:20) Download MP3 Uploaded

Weezer – The Lion And The Witch (EP) (2002) (320Kbps)

01.Dope Nose (Live)(5:20) 02.Island In The Sun (Live)(3:55) 03.Falling For You (Live)(4:23) 04.Death And Destruction (Live)(4:19) 05.El Scorcho (Live)(4:16) 06.Holiday (Live)(4:10) Download MP3 Uploaded

Weezer – Keep Fishin (UK Retail CD #2) (Single) (2002) (320Kbps)

01.Keep Fishin’ (Radio Version)(3:04) 02.Slob (Live)(3:34) 03.Knock Down Drag Out (Live)(2:33) Download MP3 Uploaded

Weezer – Keep Fishin (UK Retail CD #1) (Single) (2002) (320Kbps)

01.Keep Fishin’ (radio version)(3:05) 02.Photograph (live)(2:35) 03.Death and Destruction (live)(4:17) Download MP3 Uploaded

Weezer – Photograph (Japan Retail CD) (Single) (2001) (320Kbps)

01.Photograph(2:21) 02.Christmas Celebration(2:23) Download MP3 Uploaded

Weezer – Island In The Sun (UK Retail CD #2) (2001) (320Kbps)

01.Island In The Sun(3:22) 02.Sugar Booger(4:05) 03.Brightening Day(2:11) Download MP3 Uploaded

Weezer – Island In The Sun (UK Retail CD #1) (2001) (320Kbps)

01.Island In The Sun(3:20) 02.Oh, Lisa(2:47) 03.Always(2:06) 04.Hash Pipe (Jimmy Pop Remix)(3:22) Download MP3 Uploaded

Weezer – Island In The Sun (Japan Retail CD) (2001) (320Kbps)

01.Island In The Sun (Album Version)(3:20) 02.Teenage Victory Song(3:05) 03.Starlight(3:19) Download MP3 Uploaded

Weezer – Hash Pipe (UK Retail CD) (2001) (320Kbps)

01.Hash Pipe(3:09) 02.Starlight(3:22) 03.Hash Pipe (Jimmy Pop Remix)(3:24) Download MP3 Uploaded

Weezer – Hash Pipe (Geffen – Euro Pressing Single) (2001) (320Kbps)

01.Hash Pipe(3:06) 02.I Do(1:53) 03.Starlight(3:21) 04.Hash Pipe (Jimmy Pop Remix)(3:22) Download MP3 Uploaded

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