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Minor Threat – First Demo Tape [DIS140CD] (2003)

01. Minor Threat(01:36) 02. Stand Up(00:50) 03. Seeing Red (01:03) 04. Bottled Violence(00:56) 05. Small Man, Big Mouth(00:59) 06. Straight Edge (00:49) 07. Guilty Of Being White(01:19) 08. I Don’t Want To Hear It (01:28) Download MP3 Uploaded

Minor Threat – Complete Discography [Dischord 40] (1989)

01. Filler(01:33) 02. I Don’t Wanna Hear It(01:14) 03. Seeing Red (01:03) 04. Straight Edge (00:46) 05. Small Man, Big Mouth(00:56) 06. Screaming at a Wall(01:32) 07. Bottled Violence(00:54) 08. Minor Threat(01:28) 09. Stand Up(00:54) 10. 12xU(01:04) 11. In My Eyes (02:49) 12. Out of Step (With the World) (01:16) 13. Guilty of Being White (01:18) 14. Steppin’ Stone (02:12)… Continue Reading →

Minor Threat- Salad Days (7” single) [Dischord Fifteen] (1985) (192 kbps)

A1. Stumped(01:55) B1. Good Guys (Don’t Wear White) (The Standells Cover)(02:15) B2. Salad Days (02:44) Download MP3 Uploaded  

Minor Threat – Minor Threat (aka First Two 7”s On A 12” EP) [Dischord 12] (1984)

A1. Filler(01:33) A2. I Don’t Wanna Hear It(01:15) A3. Seeing Red (01:04) A4. Straight Edge (00:46) A5. Small Man, Big Mouth(00:56) A6. Screaming At A Wall(01:33) A7. Bottled Violence(00:55) A8. Minor Threat(01:29) B1. In My Eyes (02:52) B2. Out Of Step (With The World)(01:17) B3. Guilty Of Being White (01:20) B4. Steppin’ Stone (02:15) Download MP3 Uploaded

Minor Threat – Out Of Step (12” LP, UK mastering) [Dischord 10] (1983)

A1. Betray(03:01) A2. It Follows(01:43) A3. Think Again (02:17) A4. Look Back & Laugh(03:18) B1. Sob Story(01:48) B2. No Reason(01:59) B3. Little Friend(02:18) B4. Out Of Step/Cashing In (05:31) Download MP3 Uploaded

Minor Threat – Minor Threat (7” EP) [Dischord 3] (1981)

A1. Filler(01:33) A2. I Don’t Wanna Hear It(01:14) A3. Seeing Red (01:03) A4. Straight Edge (00:45) B1. Small Man Big Mouth(00:56) B2. Screaming At A Wall(01:32) B3. Bottled Violence(00:54) B4. Minor Threat(01:28) Download MP3 Uploaded

Minor Threat – In My Eyes (7” single) [Dischord 5] (1981) (192 kbps)

A1. In My Eyes (02:49) A2. Out of Step (With The World)(01:16) B1. Guilty Of Being White(01:18) B2. Steppin’ Stone (Monkees Cover)(02:12) Download MP3 Uploaded

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