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Circle Jerks – Oddities, Abnormalities And Curiosities (1995) (FLAC+320Kbps)

01.Teenage Electric(2:44) 02.Anxious Boy(2:06) 03.22(2:43) 04.Shining Through The Door(3:02) 05.I Wanna Destroy You(3:06) 06.Sinking Ship(3:46) 07.Brick(2:14) 08.Fable(3:38) 09.Dog(2:53) 10.Grey Life(2:49) 11.Exhaust Breath(3:00) 12.Career Day(2:23) Download FLAC Uploaded Download MP3 Uploaded

Circle Jerks – Gig (1992) (FLAC+320Kbps)

01.Beat Me Senseless(2:07) 02.High Price On Our Heads(2:19) 03.Letter Bomb(1:05) 04.In Your Eyes(0:43) 05.Making the Bombs(3:26) 06.All Wound Up(1:38) 07.Coup D’Etat(1:51) 08.Mrs. Jones(4:05) 09.Back Against The Wall(1:47) 10.Casualty Vampires(2:20) 11.I Don’t(2:06) 12.Making Time(2:23) 13.Junk Mail(1:02) 14.I, I & I(2:08) 15.World… Continue Reading →

Circle Jerks – VI (1987) (320Kbps)

01.Beat Me Senseless(1:58) 02.Patty’s Killing Mel(2:06) 03.Casualty Vampire(2:37) 04.Tell Me Why(3:18) 05.Protection(1:46) 06.I’m Alive(2:38) 07.Status Clinger(2:44) 08.Living(2:29) 09.American Way(1:44) 10.Fortunate Son(2:03) 11.Love Kills(2:34) 12.All Wound Up(1:32) 13.I Don’t(2:00) Download MP3 Uploaded

Circle Jerks – Wonderful (1985) (320Kbps)

01.Wonderful(2:21) 02.Firebaugh(1:37) 03.Making The Bombs(3:24) 04.Mrs. Jones(2:12) 05.Dude(2:25) 06.American Heavy Metal Weekend(3:23) 07.I And I(2:18) 08.The Crowd(1:35) 09.Killing For Jesus(4:44) 10.Karma Stew(1:32) 11.15 Minutes(4:15) 12.Rock House(2:32) 13.Another Broken Heart For Snake(1:15) Download MP3 Uploaded

Circle Jerks – Golden Shower Of Hits (1983) (FLAC+320Kbps)

01.In Your Eyes(0:42) 02.Parade Of The Horribles(1:29) 03.Under The Gun(2:58) 04.When The Shit Hits The Fan(2:34) 05.Bad Words(1:44) 06.Red Blanket Room(1:32) 07.High Price On Our Heads(2:52) 08.Coup d’ Etat(2:00) 09.Product Of My Environment(1:47) 10.Rats Of Reality(3:20) 11.Junk Mail(1:21) 12.Golden Shower… Continue Reading →

Circle Jerks – Wild In The Streets (1982) (320Kbps)

01.Wild In The Streets(2:34) 02.Leave Me Alone(1:19) 03.Stars and Stripes(1:39) 04.86’s (good as gone)(1:54) 05.Meet The Press(1:19) 06.Trapped(1:40) 07.Murder The Disturbed(2:01) 08.Letter Bomb(1:13) 09.Question Authority(2:01) 10.Defamation Innuendo(2:21) 11.Moral Majority(0:55) 12.Forced Labor(1:17) 13.Political Stu(1:37) 14.Just Like Me(1:46) 15.Put a Little Love… Continue Reading →

Circle Jerks – Group Sex (1980) (FLAC+320Kbps)

01.Deny Everything(0:28) 02.I Just Want Some Skank(1:09) 03.Beverly Hills(1:06) 04.Operation(1:30) 05.Back Against The Wall(1:35) 06.Wasted(0:43) 07.Behind The Door(1:26) 08.World Up My Ass(1:17) 09.Paid Vacation(1:29) 10.Don’t Care(0:35) 11.Live Fast Die Young(1:34) 12.What’s Your Problem(0:57) 13.Group Sex(1:04) 14.Red Tape(0:59) Download FLAC Uploaded Download… Continue Reading →

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