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Billy Burnette – Rock ‘n’ Roll With It (2011) (CBR 320Kbps)

01-Rock N’ Roll With It 02-My Love Will Not Change 03-Beautiful Distraction 04-Wrong One Right 05-Only The River Knows 06-Hot Rod Hillbilly 07-High Rollin’ 08-Keep On Keeping On 09-Ready All Ready 10-Karaoke Queen 11-Rollercoaster Ride 12-Armed And Dangerous Download MP3 Uploaded

Billy Burnette – Bluegrass Elvises (2007) (CBR 256Kbps) (with Shawn Camp)

01-2007 A Bluegrass Oddity 02-Don’t Be Cruel 03-All Shook Up 04-Little Sister 05-Jailhouse Rock 06-Good Rockin’ Tonight 07-Burnin’ Love 08-Are You Lonesome Tonight 09-A Big Hunk O’ Love 10-Mystery Train 11-That’s Alright Mama 12-Hound Dog 13-Blue Suede Shoes Download MP3 Uploaded

Billy Burnette – Are You With Me Baby (2000) (CBR 192Kbps)

01-Are You With Me Baby 02-Believe What You Say 03-To Get Next To You 04-Didn’t Start Livin’ 05-What A Woman Feels 06-Life And Death 07-Can’t Get Over You 08-Highway Of Love 09-Gimme You 10-Too Much Information 11-Love Me Back 12-The… Continue Reading →

Billy Burnette – All Night Long (1999) (CBR 96Kbps)

01-All Night Long 02-Memphis Blues 03-Burnin’ Up 04-Ride This Train 05-Ain’t Got The Heart 06-Good Kind Of Blues 07-Need Ya Baby 08-The Mailman 09-Goes To Show 10-I Got Busted 11-Today Is Elvis’ Birthday Download MP3 Uploaded

Billy Burnette – Bekka & Billy (1997) (CBR 192Kbps) (with Bekka Bramlett)

01-Patient Heart 02-Soul Searchin’ 03-True Blue Love 04-Deal With It 05-Better Days 06-God Knows I Love You 07-Through The Walls 08-Heart To Call Home 09-Born To Be Loved By You 10-Old Hickory Lake 11-Made For Each Other 12-And Then Some… Continue Reading →

Billy Burnette – Coming Home (1993) (CBR 192Kbps)

01-Tangled Up In Texas 02-Into The Storm 03-This Love (Ain’t Long For This World) 04-Sugar Babe 05-The Bigger The Love (Coming Home) 06-I Recovered, I Survived 07-Walk With Me 08-Let Your Heart Make Up Your Mind 09-I Still Remember (How… Continue Reading →

Billy Burnette – Brother To Brother (1988) (CBR 320Kbps)

01-Brother To Brother 02-Ain’t It Just Like Love 03-It Ain’t Over 04-Looks Like It’s Gonna Rain Today 05-Try Me 06-I’ve Just Seen A Face 07-Soldier Of Love 08-Let’s Take A Drive 09-Guitar Bug 10-Roll Over Download MP3 Uploaded

Billy Burnette – Soldier Of Love (1986) (CBR 256Kbps)

01-Soldier Of Love 02-You Leave It Up To Me 03-We’ll Take It Day By Day 04-Let’s Take A Drive 05-Slave To Your Love 06-I’ve Just Seen A Face 07-What A Perfect Way 08-Blonde Ambition 09-Looks Like It’s Gonna Rain Today… Continue Reading →

Billy Burnette – Try Me (1985) (CBR 192Kbps)

01-Try Me 02-Ain’t It Just Like Love 03-It Ain’t Over 04-Guitar Bug 05-I’m Not Me 06-Roll Over 07-Who’s Using Your Heart Tonight 08-Talkin’ Love 09-The Letter 10-Rock And Roll Lullaby 11-Way Down Download MP3 Uploaded

Billy Burnette – Gimme You (1981) (CBR 192Kbps)

01-Whatcha Gonna Do When The Sun Goes Down 02-Gettin’ Back (To You And Me) 03-The Bigger The Love 04-I Don’t Know Why 05-Gimme You 06-Love Ain’t Easy 07-Let The New Love Begin 08-I Don’t Wanna Know 09-Gone Again 10-Take You… Continue Reading →

Billy Burnette – Billy Burnette (1980) (CBR 192Kbps)

01-In Just A Heartbeat 02-Oh Susan 03-Danger Zone 04-Don’t Say No 05-Rockin’ LA 06-Honey Hush 07-Rockin’ With Somebody New 08-One Night 09-Sittin’ On Ready 10-Angeline 11-Tear It Up Download MP3 Uploaded

Billy Burnette – Between Friends (1980) (CBR 192Kbps)

01-What’s A Little Love Between Friends 02-All My Life 03-Are You Dreamin’ The Same Dream 04-Out-Run The Sun 05-Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay 06-Help Is On The Way 07-Hey, You Got A Way 08-Love Is In Motion 09-Raindance… Continue Reading →

Billy Burnette – Billy Burnette (1979) (CBR 192Kbps)

01-Shoo-Be-Doo 02-You Brought Me Back 03-Niki Hokey 04-Living Out Our Fantasies 05-Walkin’ Marsha Home 06-Believe What You Say 07-I Ain’t No Spaceman 08-Take A Listen – Listen To Your Heart 09-Dreamin’ My Way Back To You 10-Mississippi Line 11-Just Another… Continue Reading →

Billy Burnette – Billy Burnette (1972) (CBR 192Kbps)

01-Always Wondering ‘Bout You Babe 02-Going To A Party 03-Get On Down 04-Riff Raff Man 05-The Last War Song 06-Just My Love 07-Too Bad I Missed You 08-I Miss You Darling 09-I’m Gettin’ Wasted Doing Nothing 10-Twenty Years Ago Today… Continue Reading →

Billy Burnette – Memphis In Manhattan (2006) (CBR 320Kbps)

01-Memphis Blues 02-My Love Will Not Change 03-Everything Is Broken 04-Oh Well 05-Big Hunk Of Love 06-Faded Love 07-Can’t Wait To Get Back Home 08-It’s Late 09-Tryin’ To Get Away 10-Tear It Up 11-Bye Bye Love Download MP3 Uploaded

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