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7 Seconds – Live 2010-05-09 (2010) (320Kbps)

01.Sooner Or Later(1:53) 02.FOFOD(0:28) 03.New Wind(1:40) 04.Not Just Boys Fun(1:55) 05.This Is The Angry(1:11) 06.Here We Go Again Kids(3:48) 07.Still Believe(1:35) 08.You Lose(1:30) 09.One Big Guessing Game(2:06) 10.Red And Black(0:46) 11.Diehard(0:52) 12.Young Til I Die(2:01) 13.We’re Gonna Fight(3:18) 14.the Crew(2:31)… Continue Reading →

7 Seconds – Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over! (2005) (320Kbps)

01.All Came Undone(0:59) 02.Meant To Be My Own(1:50) 03.This Is Temporary(1:18) 04.My Band, Our Crew(2:05) 05.Still On It(2:49) 06.Say My Thanks(1:16) 07.Big Fall(1:12) 08.Stand Here And Just Stare(1:24) 09.Where Is The Danger(1:48) 10.Big Hardcore Mystery(2:23) 11.Panic Attack(1:43) 12.Our Core(1:14) 13.Breaking… Continue Reading →

7 Seconds – Live @ Resistance Tour Wien 17.11.2004 (Live) (2004) (320Kbps)

01.Sooner or Later(1:16) 02.Young ’til I Die(2:10) 03.F.O.F.O.D./Message From a Friend(1:51) 04.Not Just Boys Fun(1:41) 05.This Is the Angry(1:12) 06.One Friend Too Many(1:53) 07.Here’s Your Warning(1:17) 08.Slow Down a Second(2:39) 09.We’re Gonna Fight(3:05) 10.Panic Attack(2:07) 11.If the Kids Are United(2:31)… Continue Reading →

7 Seconds – The Better Youth Years (2001) (192Kbps)

01.Here’s Your Warning(1:18) 02.You Lose(0:39) 03.Not Just Boys Fun(1:30) 04.The Crew(0:52) 05.Regress No Way(1:10) 06.This Is the Angry, Pt. 2(1:16) 07.Diehard(0:59) 08.In Yer Face(1:08) 09.99 Red Balloons(3:43) 10.Definite Choice(0:55) 11.We’re Gonna Fight(3:25) 12.Out of Touch(1:48) 13.New Wind(1:55) 14.I Have a… Continue Reading →

7 Seconds – Scream Real Loud…Live! (2000) (320Kbps)

01.Sooner or Later(1:17) 02.Not Just Boy’s Fun(1:42) 03.This is the Angry(1:17) 04.F.O.F.O.D.(0:26) 05.Message From a Friend(1:42) 06.Ghost(1:59) 07.Here’s Your Warning(1:13) 08.Definite Choice(0:57) 09.Slow Down a Second(1:59) 10.One Big Guessing Game(1:53) 11.Committed for Life(1:21) 12.If the Kids are United(2:48) 13.You Lose(0:31)… Continue Reading →

7 Seconds – Live at Fireside Bowl (Bootleg) (2000) (192Kbps)

01.Live at Fireside Bowl(46:52) Download MP3 Uploaded

7 Seconds – Good To Go (1999) (320Kbps)

01.Sooner Or Later(1:09) 02.Sour Grapes(1:20) 03.One Big Guessing Game(1:52) 04.Best Friend(2:00) 05.Slow Down A Second(2:06) 06.Safety Net(1:23) 07.Change The Key(1:58) 08.4,1,4,1…Done(0:29) 09.Message From A Friend(1:19) 10.True Roots Show(2:03) 11.This World Of Mine(1:43) 12.You See The Flaws(2:05) 13.I See You Found… Continue Reading →

7 Seconds – The Music, The Message (1995) (320Kbps)

01.Ghost(1:38) 02.Such & Such(1:51) 03.The Music, The Message(2:30) 04.Kinda Future(1:56) 05.My Gravity(2:34) 06.See You Tomorrow(3:23) 07.Get A Different Life(2:05) 08.Talkbox(3:05) 09.My List(2:11) 10.First Ya Told Us(2:05) 11.Born Without A Mind(1:58) 12.Punk Rock Teeth(4:10) 13.Girl Song(2:08) 14.I Can Remember(1:42) 15.Even Better… Continue Reading →

7 Seconds – Alt.Music.Hardcore (1995) (320Kbps)

01.Skins, Brains, & Guts(0:55) 02.No Authority(0:49) 03.Redneck Society(0:47) 04.Baby Games(0:26) 05.Racism Sucks(2:27) 06.This Is My Life(1:09) 07.Anti-Klan(1:04) 08.I Hate Sports(0:40) 09.We’re Gonna Fight(2:30) 10.5 Years of Lies(0:43) 11.Drug Control(0:38) 12.Bottomless Pit(1:32) 13.Fight Your Own Fight(1:05) 14.Committed for Life(1:26) 15.This Is… Continue Reading →

7 Seconds – Out The Shizzy (1993) (320Kbps)

01.Shizzy(2:38) 02.His Way, Go Away(3:45) 03.Happy Rain(2:18) 04.Free To Space(3:27) 05.Weak Link(4:12) 06.Reuben Said(2:22) 07.Yet Again(3:00) 08.G(3:16) 09.Widespread(3:27) 10.Motionary(3:17) 11.Naked(3:21) 12.Nate(1:24) 13.Some Kind Of Sign(2:57) Download MP3 Uploaded

7 Seconds – Old School (1991) (320Kbps)

01.You Lose(0:39) 02.What If There’s War in America?(0:44) 03.Here’s Your Warning(1:24) 04.Heavy Metal Jocks(0:57) 05.These Boots Are Made For Walking(1:51) 06.Boss(0:47) 07.Young ’til I Die(2:09) 08.War in the Head(0:44) 09.No Class, No Way!(1:17) 10.Definate Choice(0:59) 11.I Have a Dream(1:06) 12.Wasted… Continue Reading →

7 Seconds – Soulforce Revolution (1989) (320Kbps)

01.Satyagraha(3:09) 02.Busy Little People(3:27) 03.I Can Sympathize(2:46) 04.It All Makes A Lot Less Sense Now(3:25) 05.Mother’s Day(4:15) 06.Tribute Freedom Landscape(2:53) 07.Copper Ledge(2:08) 08.Tickets To A Better Place(2:24) 09.4 A.M. In Texas(3:19) 10.Soul To Keep (For Phyllis)(3:34) 11.Swan Song(1:53) Download MP3 Uploaded

7 Seconds – Ourselves (1988) (320Kbps)

01.Escape and Run.(2:52) 02.Far Away Friends.(2:41) 03.The Save Ourselves.(3:07) 04.If I Abide.(3:24) 05.Wish I Could Help.(2:27) 06.Sleep.(3:35) 07.Sister.(2:04) 08.Middleground.(4:29) 09.When One Falls.(3:31) 10.Some Sort Of Balance.(2:49) 11.Seven Years.(4:07) Download MP3 Uploaded

7 Seconds – Praise (EP) (1987) (224Kbps)

01.Praise(4:00) 02.Catching(3:19) 03.You Live and Die for Freedom/Siren(5:09) 04.Not Enough Time(3:13) Download MP3 Uploaded

7 Seconds – Live! One Plus One (1987) (192Kbps)

01.You Live and Die for Freedom(2:21) 02.Siren(3:00) 03.Catching(3:22) 04.Praise(4:04) 05.Somebody Help Me Scream(2:49) 06.Opinion of Feelings(2:30) 07.Trust(3:50) 08.Calendar(1:35) 09.Regress No Way(1:09) 10.Save Ourselves(2:58) 11.Walk Together, Rock Together(4:41) 12.99 Red Balloons(4:06) Download MP3 Uploaded

7 Seconds – New Wind (1986) (320Kbps)

01.Night Away(2:42) 02.New Wind(1:54) 03.Somebody Help Me Scream(2:56) 04.Tied Up In Rhythm(1:58) 05.Grown Apart(2:31) 06.Man Enough To Care(1:59) 07.Opinion Of Feelings(2:25) 08.Inside(3:07) 09.Calendar(1:39) 10.Expect To Change(2:10) 11.Still Believe(2:29) 12.Put These Words To Music(1:44) 13.Just One Day(3:18) 14.Colour Blind Jam(7:45) Download… Continue Reading →

7 Seconds – Guilty of a Crime of Thinking (Bootleg) (1986) (192Kbps)

01.Walk Together, Rock Together(5:04) 02.I Still Hope(3:39) 03.In Your Face(1:24) 04.Somebody Help Me Scream(3:29) 05.Tied Up in Rhythm(2:32) 06.Regress No Way(1:42) 07.Inside Out, Outside In(2:55) 08.Siren(6:02) 09.99 Red Balloons(5:19) 10.Colour Blind(2:44) 11.If the Kids Are United(0:50) Download MP3 Uploaded

7 Seconds – Walk Together, Rock Together (1985) (320Kbps)

01.Regress, No Way!(1:09) 02.We’re Gonna Fight(3:25) 03.In Your Face(1:07) 04.Spread(1:09) 05.99 Red Balloons(3:41) 06.Remains to Be Seen(1:31) 07.Walk Together, Rock Together(1:49) 08.How Do You Think You’d Feel?(1:35) 09.Strength(2:24) 10.Still Believe(1:40) 11.Out of Touch(1:50) 12.Drug Control(0:45) 13.Bottomless Pit(1:23) 14.This Is the… Continue Reading →

7 Seconds – Live CBGB’s, New York, 1985-09-15 (1985) (320Kbps)

01.Young ’til I Die(2:39) 02.Here’s Your Warning(1:22) 03.Bottomless Pit(1:32) 04.In Your Face(1:23) 05.Out Of Touch(2:01) 06.Put These Words To Music(1:45) 07.How Do You Think You’d Feel(2:01) 08.Compro(1:55) 09.Regress, No Way(1:26) 10.Colourblind(3:27) 11.Spread(1:58) 12.Not Just Boys Fun(1:37) 13.This Is The Angry,… Continue Reading →

7 Seconds – Blasts from the Past (EP) (1985) (128Kbps)

01.# 1 Rule(0:53) 02.These Boots Are Make for Walkin’(1:51) 03.War in the Head(0:42) 04.If the Kids Are United(2:54) Download MP3 Uploaded

7 Seconds – The Crew (1984) (320Kbps)

01.Here’s Your Warning(1:18) 02.Definite Choice(0:55) 03.Not Just Boys Fun(1:29) 04.This Is The Angry, Pt. 2(1:09) 05.Straight On(0:25) 06.You Lose(0:36) 07.What If There’s a War In America(0:42) 08.The Crew(0:52) 09.Clenched Fists, Black Eyes(1:31) 10.Colourblind(1:42) 11.Aim To Please(1:14) 12.Boss(0:45) 13.Young ’til I… Continue Reading →

7 Seconds – Commited For Life (EP) (1983) (320Kbps)

01.5 Years Of Lies(0:45) 02.Drug Control(0:40) 03.Bottomless Pit(1:34) 04.Fight For Your Life(1:07) 05.Commited For Life(1:27) 06.This Is The Angry(1:07) 07.Aggro(1:17) Download MP3 Uploaded

7 Seconds – Three Chord Politics (Demo) (1982) (320Kbps)

01.We Want Control(0:36) 02.No Authority(0:55) 03.Left Wing, Right Wing(0:42) 04.Baby Games(0:26) 05.Fuck Your Amerika(0:49) 06.Drastic Measures(0:57) 07.War Paint(1:16) 08.Redneck Society(0:46) 09.Don’t Conform(0:50) 10.Heavy Metal Jocks(1:00) 11.Power Not Integrity(0:44) 12.No(0:50) 13.Anti Youth(2:00) Download MP3 Uploaded

7 Seconds – Skins Brains & Guts (EP) (1982) (320Kbps)

01.Skins, Brains & Guts(0:55) 02.No Authority(0:51) 03.Redneck Society(0:47) 04.Baby Games(0:27) 05.Racism Sucks(2:27) 06.This is My Life(1:07) 07.Anti-Clan(1:06) 08.I Hate Sports(0:41) 09.We’re Gonna Fight(2:31) Download MP3 Uploaded

7 Seconds – Socially Fucked Up (Demo) (1981) (160Kbps)

01.Don’t Fuck with Me(0:47) 02.This Means You(0:50) 03.Media(1:23) 04.Why Don’t You(0:33) 05.Fuck All(1:03) 06.Socially Fucked Up(0:52) 07.Rascism Sucks(2:27) 08.I Can’t Take It(1:01) 09.I Hate Sports(0:46) 10.Get Down(0:42) 11.Wasted Life Ain’t No Crime(1:17) 12.You’re Killing Me(0:54) 13.Hardcore Rules(1:02) Download MP3 Uploaded

7 Seconds – Hardcore Rules (Bootleg) (1980) (230Kbps)

1.Wartime(1:39) 02.A & A In The USA(2:18) 03.Anti Youth(2:05) 04.Right To Fight(2:02) 05.Death Trip(1:46) 06.Police State(1:33) 07.Don’t Fuck With Me(0:46) 08.This Means You(0:48) 09.Media Massacre(1:21) 10.Fight Or Unite(0:33) 11.Cops Are Criminals(1:02) 12.Socially Fucked Up(0:51) 13.Racism Sucks(2:25) 14.I Can’t Take It(1:00)… Continue Reading →

7 Seconds – Drastic Measures (Demo) (1980) (320Kbps)

01.Wartime(1:40) 02.A & A in the USA(2:38) 03.Anti Youth(2:06) 04.Right to Fight(2:07) 05.Death Trip(1:49) 06.Police State(1:42) Download MP3 Uploaded

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