01.Sooner Or Later(1:53)
03.New Wind(1:40)
04.Not Just Boys Fun(1:55)
05.This Is The Angry(1:11)
06.Here We Go Again Kids(3:48)
07.Still Believe(1:35)
08.You Lose(1:30)
09.One Big Guessing Game(2:06)
10.Red And Black(0:46)
12.Young Til I Die(2:01)
13.We’re Gonna Fight(3:18)
14.the Crew(2:31)
15.Regress No Way(1:54)
16.If The Kids Are United ( Sham 69)(3:28)
17.Walk Together, Rock Together(2:18)
18.99 Red Balloons(4:08)

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