01.Skins, Brains, & Guts(0:55)
02.No Authority(0:49)
03.Redneck Society(0:47)
04.Baby Games(0:26)
05.Racism Sucks(2:27)
06.This Is My Life(1:09)
08.I Hate Sports(0:40)
09.We’re Gonna Fight(2:30)
10.5 Years of Lies(0:43)
11.Drug Control(0:38)
12.Bottomless Pit(1:32)
13.Fight Your Own Fight(1:05)
14.Committed for Life(1:26)
15.This Is the Angry(1:05)
17.War in the Head(0:41)
18.Kids Are United(2:54)

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